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8 May 2015
Dead Meat Aspires to Be Fake Meat:
Karen Davis’s Letter in Today’s LA Times

View this letter in the LA Times

To the editor : Substitution of old materials with new ones is an integral part of human progress. In religious ceremonies, if we can substitute animal flesh for human flesh and view this change as positive, we are ready to go forward in our secular lives on ground that is already laid.

Technologically, the transformation of plants to flesh- and fur-like products has already occurred because people have desired it and technology can satisfy the desire. If “The Peaceable Kingdom” reflects a true aspiration, fake meat is the food to which dead meat has aspired, and the makers of fake meat and the fur-free designers are as deserving as anyone is of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Karen Davis
Machipongo, Va.
The writer is president of United Poultry Concerns.


The letter is a response to “The confusion of fur-hating carnivores,” op-ed, May 2 which says that “Like fur, meat is inessential and luxurious. Like fur, its production may be fraught with brutal and obscene abuse.”



A new video by Compassion Over Killing shows the brutal and obscene abuse of chickens in a North Carolina chicken slaughter plant:
Ag-Gag Alert: North Carolina Chicken Slaughterhouse Horrors.

Slaughterhouse horrors



Ads on Boston buses
UPC bus ad in Boston. Photo by Titan Outdoor May 5, 2015


May is International Respect for Chickens Month.
For chickens everywhere.

Buff, Millicent and Monarch
UPC sanctuary chickens Buffy, Millicent and Monarch. Photo by Karen Davis May 5, 2015


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