26 May 2020

Banner with Hope Bohanec holding a chicken

Bill Claims to End Factory Farming and Climate Healer’s Sailesh Rao

In this episode, your host Hope Bohanec digs into the Farm System Reform Act which was introduced by former presidential candidates Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker. The bill is being pushed as an end to “factory farming,” but could that really be true? Then Hope will have a conversation with Climate Healer’s Sailesh Rao about his campaign Vegan World 2026. Sailesh focuses on the big picture, the system as a whole, and has a vision for a predominantly vegan world in just six years.



UPC’s Hope for the Animals Podcast has received some wonderful feedback since launching earlier this month. One listener had this to say:

“I just finished Episode 2 and it is so well done, truly a stunning job! So perfectly aligned with current developments in the world and so much excellently researched information, crucial connections, and Hope’s delivery is perfect. It’s also technically professional and solid. Just awesome!” -Miriam Wald

UPC’s Hope for the Animals Podcast covers a variety of farmed animal issues including the ethical, environmental, spiritual, heartbreaking, and heartwarming aspects of living vegan. In every episode, we will have engaging conversations with special guests on the critical reasons for living vegan.