5 September 2020

Banner with Hope Bohanec holding a chicken

For “Episode 10” of UPC's Hope for the Animals Podcast, Hope announces UPC’s upcoming Humane Hoax Chicken Webinar the first-ever webinar dedicated solely to chickens, and offers a brief overview of the featured presentations. The Humane Hoax Chicken Webinar will be on Saturday, September 12 and you can sign up for free by going to www.humanehoax.org.



Next on the show, we have chicken advocate and rooster rescuer Justin Van Kleeck of Triangle Chicken Advocates. Justin, the co-organizer and co-host of the Humane Hoax Chicken Webinar, will expose the hidden issues with backyard chicken keeping and how roosters are affected by the egg industry. Justin will also introduce us to the concept of a microsanctuary and the importance of supporting small-scale rescue and lifetime care of non-traditional animals. Justin’s work includes raising the bar for standards of chicken care and creating medical and treatment support protocols for aging chickens. Additionally, Justin shares with Hope how the experience of rescue and caregiving has the potential to expand what it means to be vegan.

This episode is packed with great information and inspiring activism. Please share it with your friends who love chickens and all animals.