8 October 2020

Banner with Hope Bohanec holding a chicken

UPC’s Hope for the Animals Podcast has two new installments in the Reason for Vegan Series. Supplemental to the full episodes, the Reason for Vegan Series comprises short segments exposing the truth about the animal agriculture industry. In each segment, we will delve into specific reasons to choose a vegan lifestyle and uncover dark secrets the industry doesn’t want you to know.

UPC focuses on birds bred and killed in food production, and our first five segments in this series exposed various aspects of the poultry industry. The Reason for Vegan Series is a comprehensive study on veganism and the animal agriculture industry, so series 6 & 7 will focus on the dairy industry. Even though we are dedicated to birds at UPC, we care about all farmed animals, and many people still don’t understand the cruelties that are standard practice in the making of dairy products.

In our sixth installment of the Reason for Vegan Series, Hope talks about cows who are exploited in the dairy industry and the hidden cruelties inherent in producing milk, yogurt, cheese and other dairy products. She exposes the heartbreaking universal practices of separating calves from their mothers, artificial insemination, and more.



We just released our seventh installment of the Reason for Vegan Series focusing on goat dairy, goat yogurt, sheep cheese and the unfortunate new trend of non-cow animal dairy. Hope explains the rise in popularity of using non-traditional animals for dairy production and how breeding and using lactating mothers for dairy is fundamentally cruel, no matter which animal species is used or the size of the farm.



The Reason for Vegan Series is supplemental to our regular episodes and is perfect for pre-vegans who want to learn more about animal agriculture and veganism, so please share this series with your non-vegan friends. This series is also great for new and existing vegans to get in-depth information about the animal farming industry so they will be excellent advocates for all farmed animals.