30 October 2020

Banner with Hope Bohanec holding a chicken

In the latest episode of UPC’s Hope for the Animals Podcast, Hope reviews two new documentaries focused on climate change and the environmental impact of animal agriculture. Countdown to Year Zero and EndGame 2050 are both powerful films with eco-vegan themes, but they resonate in different ways. Hope will break down what she thought of the two films and why she recommends them both.



Next on the podcast is a lively interview with Jane Velez-Mitchell of Jane Unchained. You might remember Jane from her network TV show many years ago where she tackled hard-hitting animal rights issues. She continues the fight for animals today with Jane Unchained News, a Facebook Live video series, a vegan cooking show called New Day New Chef, and more.

In “Episode 13,” Jane tells the story of her transition from working in mainstream media to being a full-time activist. She also talks about her ingenious project, Plant-Based Neighbor, a social media app that connects vegans with other veg-neighbors in their area.

Also on the podcast, Jane tells Hope about the new season of her vegan cooking show New Day New Chef: Support and Feed Edition. The Support and Feed Edition offers hope for vegan restaurants that are struggling in the pandemic. The show features celebrities supporting plant-based restaurants so they can offer meals to hungry kids, doctors and nurses on the frontlines, and others in need. Don’t miss this dynamic and informative interview with media maven Jane Velez-Michell.