11 May 2021

Banner with Hope Bohanec holding a chicken

Moving into May, we are celebrating two milestones for United Poultry Concerns. This month we recognize International Respect for Chickens Day and also the one-year anniversary of the Hope for the Animals Podcast. One year ago, life was drastically changing and our in-person outreach events were all abruptly cancelled due to the pandemic. Meanwhile, the chickens continued to suffer, so we knew we had to do something. We moved our message online and created the Hope for the Animals Podcast. In the past year, our podcast has grown considerably and has reached over 6,000 downloads in at least 15 countries.



To help us celebrate, today on the podcast we have UPC’s founder and president, Karen Davis. Karen dives deep into the ethical philosophies that she has developed over four decades. She talks with Hope about the origin of International Respect for Chickens Day, the importance of being conscious of our language when speaking and writing about farmed animals, UPC’s innovative sanctuary aviary, and the importance of recognizing and promoting Chickens’ Earthrights.

Happy one-year anniversary to Hope for the Animals Podcast and Happy International Respect for Chickens Month!