21 September 2021

Banner with Hope Bohanec holding a chicken

Hope starts us off today with a review of the Netflix show Sweet Tooth. She delves into the animal rights themes of hunting, experimentation, and speciesism that are explored in this thoughtful new show.

Then Hope has a conversation with Gopi Om (Nicole Sopko) who has been teaching yoga for over a decade and has completed the advanced level Life of a Yogi teacher training at the Dharma Yoga Center in New York. A vegan for over 20 years, Gopi works alongside her partner, Dan, as Vice President of the natural foods company, Upton's Naturals. Gopi and Hope talk about yogic philosophy and how it relates to protecting animals. They also discuss Gopi’s company, Upton’s Naturals, and their focus on minimally processed, whole food ingredients for meat alternatives. Upton’s was a plaintiff in a lawsuit against the state of Mississippi for its insidious proposed law, limiting what plant-based food companies could label their products, with a possible two-year jail sentence for violators selling vegan meat alternatives.