Protesters Target Live Poultry Market in New Jersey

VegOut, a Manhattan-based activist group, picketed Marzigliano's Live Poultry Market in New Jersey on November 10th. The group translated UPC's brochure, Live Poultry Markets, into Spanish. "No one was throwing the literature away," said VegOut president and protest organizer, Carol Moon. When a local newspaper article stressed Marzigliano's stale quotes about how "all our stuff is fresh" and "things will never change," she challenged: "When I looked through the door at Mr. Marzigliano's 'fresh merchandise,' I knew my argument was solid. Cages were stacked three high, filled with frantic, overcrowded birds, nearly all of them missing most of their feathers. In the corner of one of the front cages was a heap of white--a dead chicken-- which stayed there the entire afternoon. In the cage next to it were two chickens so near to death they must surely have ended up in the garbage. Ironically, I can't have a healthy, happy chicken in my backyard, but Mr. Marzigliano can have cages filled with miserable, sick-looking victims shipped in weekly."

What Can I Do?

  • Protest live poultry markets. UPC's information brochures will soon be available in Spanish as well as in English.
  • Don't let media naysayers define your event. Write strong, concise letters to the editor before and immediately after your Public Action for Animals to set the record straight and amplify your issues to the public.