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Animals and Women: Feminist Theoretical Explorations

edited by Carol J. Adams & Josephine Donovan
Duke University Press
$16.95 softcover

"The whole book cries out to be read."
The Times Literary Supplement, London
Book review reprinted in The Wall Street Journal August 12, 1996
Reviewed by David Sexton

"Karen Davis's brilliant essay [Thinking Like a Chicken: Farm Animals and The Feminine Connection] brings together the books' central concepts, leading to conclusions that rightly should disturb feminists and animal advocates alike."
The Animals' Agenda, Vol. 16, No. 2
Reviewed by Deborah Tanzer, PhD

For Example,

"Environmentalism challenges us to think about how we view and treat the weaker and more pacific beings in our midst, be they nonhuman or otherwise. It invites us to explore how we want, on principle, to regard these beings. Are we content to maintain that a genetically altered creature, or a docile and perhaps even stupid one, deserves to be morally disdained or abandoned? Do we believe that a weaker creature is less entitled to justice and compassion than more vigorous types? Do we suppose that creatures whose lives we humans have wrecked do not have paramount moral claims on us?

"Environmentalism has a tendency to blame such victims. There are implications that ecological sophistication comports with turning away from them sniffily, like a bored husband, or Dr. Frankenstein, to things more 'interesting' and grand, like a mountain or, more aptly, to 'thinking' like one."

Excerpt from Karen Davis, "Clucking Like a Mountain," part II of Thinking Like a Chicken: Farm Animals and the Feminine Connection, Animals and Women: Feminist Theoretical Explorations.

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