Campaigns to Outlaw Cockfighting in Arizona, Missouri

Ballot Initiative Sought to Ban Blood Sport in Both States

“It’s time to put an end to it.”
– “COCKFIGHTING: End the blood sport,”
Editorial, The Arizona Republic, May 29, 1997


In 1996, Citizens Against Cockfighting launched a ballot initiative campaign to ban cockfighting in 1998, after 22 frustrated attempts to move the state legislature to action. As of November, 73,530 signatures have been collected. A total of 158,000 signatures are needed by July 2, 1998, with a 40% cushion. Happily, the effort to ban cockfighting in Arizona has the support of an influential newspaper, The Arizona Republic (as well as others), and the sheriffs in 10 out of 15 counties.

Please Help For more information on what you can do to bring down cockfighting in Arizona in 1998, contact Citizens Against Cockfighting, PO Box 17472, Tucson, AZ 85731. Tucson: 520-722-0129. Phoenix: 602-392-4272. Citizens Against Cockfighting Chairman Jamie Massey can be reached at 520-290-5585.

Cockfight 1
Cockfight 2
Photos by UPC member Linda Howard


Missourians Against Cockfighting have launched an all-out campaign to put an anti-cockfighting referendum on the November 1998 ballot. To succeed, they have to get more than 100,000 signatures by June 1998. In the St. Louis-Dispatch, Oct. 12, 1997, campaign manager, Sandy Mickelson, stated that the referendum drive is designed to bypass a legislature controlled by a minority of cockfighting supporters. A gamecock breeder/lobbyist was cited saying he is sure his side will lose in a public vote.

According to the article, "The statute that Mickelson wants to put on the ballot would make it a Class D felony to fight gamecocks, stage a cockfight, knowingly attend a fight, sell a gamecock, possess cockfighting implements such as gaffs [razor-sharp blades attached to the bird's leg] and sell such implements."

The American Veterinary Medical Association has taken an uncompromising stand against cockfighting. As stated in the AVMA's 1997 booklet, The Veterinarian's Role in Animal Welfare: "The AVMA supports laws against the use of dogs for dog fights and poultry for cock fights. Further, the AVMA recommends that dog fighting or cock fighting be considered felony offenses."

Please Help For more information on what you can do to give cockfighting the boot in Missouri in 1998, contact Missourians Against Cockfighting, 11939 Manchester Road, #130, St. Louis, MO 63131. Phone: 1-888-98CRUEL (27835); 314-994-1000.