Horizon High School To Adopt Ethical Policy

UPC Provided the Model

Horizon Hen
Photo courtesy of KTVK Channel 3
This hen was rescued from the Horizon High School hen massacre.

On April 11, 1997, a gang of seniors at Horizon High School in Phoenix, Arizona conducted a pitiless assault on 40 to 50 hens whom they purchased for "fun" from a local egg farm. (See PoultryPress Vol. 7, No. 2 & Vol. 7, No. 3.) In response, United Poultry Concerns instigated a massive letter-writing protest to the high school principal, John Stollar, followed by a blaring protest rally in front of the high school on August 14th, the opening day of classes. UPC president Karen Davis afterwards met with Mr. Stollar and offered to draft a policy statement against animal abuse, stating that:

(a) Animals may not be used in pranks or otherwise for amusement or ceremony in connection with any school function or activity. Violation of this policy or any other abuse of animals shall be grounds for disciplinary action including, but not restricted to, suspension, expulsion, and exclusion from the graduation ceremony. (b) For purposes of this policy, the term "animal" includes any wild or domesticated, warm-blooded or cold-blooded animal.

Upon receiving this, Mr. Stollar graciously wrote to UPC: "I am forwarding your letter to my Assistant Principal for Discipline so that your policy statement can be incorporated into our standard disciplinary handbook which is distributed to all students at the beginning of the year and is edited in the spring of the preceding year. My intention is that a similar statement will be incorporated into our student policy handbook for the '98-99 school year. Thank you for giving me a solid suggestion for how to word that statement."

United Poultry Concerns wishes to thank everyone who protested vigorously against the Horizon Hen Massacre. UPC will continue to monitor the school to ensure that such a horrible episode will not be repeated.