Forced Molting

Ask Your Local Newspaper to Print This Op-Ed

One of the best ways to reach people is through your local newspapers. A big-city paper isn't the only place to go. Many smaller papers are eager for interesting stories, letters and op-ed pieces, and have many readers. Call or visit the editorial-page editor of your local paper and ask the editor to run Starving Hens for Profit Has Got to Stop. UPC can provide the editor with a 3.5" disk on request or a shiny camera-ready reprint if preferred. Or the article can be printed or retyped directly from page 8 of this issue. Encourage the editor to contact UPC for more information including a color photo of hens in battery cages.

Contact Your State & Federal Representatives

Find out the names of your legislators at state and federal levels.

Sample Letter:

The Honorable ____________
United States House of Representatives
Washington, DC 20515

Dear Representative _____________

I strongly urge you to introduce a bill to ban the forced molting of laying hens. Forced molting--prolonged starvation of laying hens for one to two weeks without any food--is so cruel and stressful it destroys the birds' immune system and infests them and their eggs with salmonella. Eggs are the number one cause of salmonella poisoning and forced molting is a major cause.

Based on the findings, USDA immunologist Peter S. Holt says farmers should find less stressful ways to produce eggs than starvation rations.

Please introduce legislation to ban forced molting in the [State of _____________] United States, as was done in Great Britain in 1987.

Most respectfully yours,