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12 May 2014
Save the Chickens! Change.org Petition Urges Mercy.
Please sign and share this Change.org petition.

Please join United Poultry Concerns and Jewish Vegetarians of North America in urging Urban Adamah, an organization that promotes urban agriculture in Berkeley, California, to release the 15 healthy young hens they were going to kill for a kosher slaughter class on May 4 to the sanctuaries that have offered to adopt the hens. Animal Place, Hen Harbor and Harvest Home are ready to welcome these hens today!

Right now, the hens are in deadly danger. Though the May 4 slaughter class was canceled under pressure from animal advocates, Urban Adamah has admitted that the only value the hens have for them now is as teaching tools on do-it-yourself butchery and “meat” that no one needs to eat in order to be healthy.

Please sign our Petition urging Urban Adamah to save the hens, release them to the loving sanctuaries that await them, and focus on developing urban agriculture programs that teach people how to raise, prepare and enjoy delicious, sustainable animal-free, plant-based foods.

Please sign and share this Change.org petition.

Thank you from Jewish Vegetarians of North America and United Poultry Concerns. Our voices can make all the difference!

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