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For the Birds: From Exploitation to Liberation showcases Karen Davis’s three decades of popular and academic work. As the founder and director of United Poultry Concerns, she has done more than perhaps anyone to reveal the complex and socially rich lives of birds. Her writing – intellectually rigorous, passionate, erudite, and witty – brings fully to the fore the great injustices we have perpetrated on these intelligent and loving creatures. – Lantern Books

To understand the context of Karen’s thinking and writing, you must understand that chickens have been at the very heart of her professional and personal life all these years. – pattrice jones, Afterword

For the Birds substantiates the enduring value of Karen Davis’s work as an author, an activist, and a rescuer. Those who are new to her writings will be struck by her range of subjects and analysis, while more seasoned readers will be grateful to find her important ideas comprised in a single volume. I am confident that Karen’s readers will be greatly rewarded, and that the birds and all animals will benefit, as they already do, from the abiding passion and influence of her advocacy for them. – Robert Grillo, Foreword

I’d be much obliged if you’d pass along this note to Karen Davis: At the beginning of this index, I wasn’t very keen on immersing myself in another book on animal cruelty. Up to now, I’ve been able to squash my personal feelings while reading, then go back to eating meat after I put the book away. But a few days into working on this one, I just couldn’t make myself go back to my computer every day to work, and continue being a meat eater. Karen’s arguments and descriptions piled on top of so many things I already knew but had managed to rationalize away and sidestep. So, there’s one less meat eater out there now. Thanks for the kick in the pants. – Rachel Nishan, Twin Oaks Indexing

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