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Winter 2011-2012 Volume 21, Number 4
Celebrating 22 years of dedicated activism for domestic fowl
henny penny rooster
Photo: Courtesy of Chicken Run Rescue
Way to Go!

Henny Penny Rooster was one of three month-old chicks being sold at a farm supply store in Columbia, Tennessee. They were crammed together in a small wire cage on a hot day before Easter. Henny Penny and his two brothers were all bleeding. When I asked what could be done to help them, the owner said they just wring their necks and toss them out. So I said, "I'll take three bleeding chicks to go, please." Laurie Montgomery. This winning photo appears in the 2012 Chicken Run Rescue Calendar for July. To order these wonderful calendars and submit a favorite photo of your own chicken(s) for this year's contest for the 2013 calendar, go to www.chickenrunrescue.org.

Inside This Issue

A Legacy of Compassion for the Birds

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richard cundari and fuzzy
Photo of Richard Cundari and Fuzzy by Karen Davis
Fuzzy was brought to our sanctuary in December 2010 by a very nice family in Northern Virginia to whom he was given as an "Easter gift." The family loved him but couldn't keep him in their urban home once he became a large duck, so they drove him to UPC where he has thrived in our care ever since. Fuzzy follows us around the yard while we work. He has a loud breathing voice so we nicknamed him the stalker, but he's a very nice stalker. Fuzzy has his own blue pool to swim and splash in, and he gets along great with the chickens.

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