A note about unsolicited manuscripts and non-poultry issues . . .

United Poultry Concerns has received increasing requests to critique manuscript essays and to print material about general animal issues in PoultryPress. Please do not send this material. UPC's mission is domestic fowl and the investigation and dissemination of information and ideas that contribute directly to helping these birds. This is a full-time occupation involving innumerable local, national, and worldwide activities and financial expenditures. It requires every bit of time and energy from UPC's full-time activist president, who is fortunate to have a husband who understands the importance of the work and the overwhelming demands of it, and who has thus far continued to ensure that United Poultry Concerns has a roof over its head. What we need is your active and financial support on behalf of the billions of chickens and other birds for whom we speak out. We are the only organization that does what we are doing, and there is never enough time in the day. We appreciate your understanding and hope that we may count on your increasing support for our work. Thank you.