Remembering Friends

Freddaflower Memorial & Appreciation Fund

The pain of losing them is the price we pay for the privilege of knowing them and sharing their lives. . . . – Vicky Barbee

We thank those people who have contributed to our work with recent donations In Loving Memory and in Honor and Appreciation of the following beloved family members and friends:

Liqin with Freddaflower
Liqin Cao with Freddaflower
  • In memory of my dearest frizzle rooster, Bo. Bo was my very first rooster. He was sickly as a chick but grew into a beautiful bird who was gentle with his hens, loving with his chick, protective of his flock, and a wonderful companion to me. Often, my sweet rooster and I would watch the sunset from our sunroom, Bo tucked in my arms. Bo died of cancer a few months ago and his flock and I have never been the same since his passing. – Lynn Terzich
  • In memory of Oyster, beloved resident of our little sanctuary for unwanted cockatiels here in Seattle. Oyster was only six years old when he died unexpectedly in February. Our sweet bird can now fly free to watch over all of us. . . . – Susan Shaw
  • In memory of my beloved rooster Leo – Mimi Alberu
  • In memory of my rooster Man Bird, who died Thanksgiving Day, 2008. – Susan Siegel
  • This donation is in lieu of birthday gifts for our friend, Julie Beckham. – Franklin Wade and Liqin Cao
  • In memory of Wisteria, my beloved cat who shared my life for 22 years. – Sandra Herman
  • This donation is from my friend Barbara Boggs in honor of my beloved dog Buffie. – Shari Barton
  • In memory of Miss Duck and Traudel our hen, and in honor of Chanticleer our rooster, his hen Trudel, and Baby Duck their friend. I still remember when I first called you after finding a couple "releasing" a baby chicken and duckling into the woods in the park where I was walking my poodle. I brought them home thinking I would find a sanctuary to take them to. After many calls, I finally received your number. I called you, but you said, "If they have a home, you should keep them." I finally reluctantly settled into the reality that they were going to be mine. Today, I'm so happy I kept them! Having a rooster, a hen and a duck as pets has added a whole new dimension to our lives. – Rita Chaykowsky-Keeley and Dr. Brian Keeley
Rita Chaykowsky-Keeley and Dr. Brian Keeley and family
  • In memory and honor of Pluto, a male Muscovy duck who was adopted from a shelter by our client, Dorothy Vinals. Pluto was quite ill with respiratory problems, and Dorothy worked hard with us to try to get him well. But when it got cold, he succumbed, and Dorothy was very saddened by his loss, as were Dr. Sanders and I. Dorothy really loved Pluto. He was a very cool guy. – Louisa Jaskulski
  • Enclosed is a donation to help poultry from my wonderful chicken, Be Be. – Hilde Wilson
  • In memory of my beloved pet, Felix. – Maria Torricelli
  • In honor of Nero, Bertha, Fredericka, Julie, Nathaniel, and Leonard, warmly remembered and sadly missed. – Paul Deane
  • Thank you for remembering my sweet bantam hen, Henrietta. It has now been five years since she passed, and I miss her every day, but keeping in touch with your organization and supporting your good work helps me to keep her memory alive. I now have two cockatiels who occupy me these days, though someday I know I will adopt another chicken when I get a little outdoor space. – Bob Wucher

UPC wishes to thank those contributors to our Freddaflower Fund who over the years have included pictures of their beloved family members to be honored in this section of our magazine. We regret that a lack of space prevents us from reprinting most photographs, but we do keep them and we are grateful to our members for sharing them with us. – UPC Editor