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20 March 2013
Rabbi Yonassan Gershom Speaks on
Baby Chicks at Easter & Always


Day-old incubator chicks
(Photo courtesy of USDA)

Notes from a Jewish Thoreau
Musings, insights, stories and nature observations from a Hasidic Jew living in the Great North Woods.

Baby Chicks are not Easter Toys!

Or Passover toys. Both Easter and Passover are spring festivals (In the Northern Hemisphere at least). Jews are not as strongly focused on chicks and bunnies this time of year, so I suppose this post is directed more at my non-Jewish readers, but my plea to both is the same: Please don't buy baby animals that you can't keep for their entire lifetime. It's not fair to your kids, and not fair to the animals.

[Please note that United Poultry Concerns urges adoption rather than breeding or purchasing animals from breeders including hatcheries.]

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